What Can I Spend My OFW Loan On?

OFW loans are included in nearly all banks in the Philippines. OFWs are one of the banks’ targets when it comes to loan transactions. Nowadays, it is easy to apply for any kind of loan you want if you are an OFW. Before you choose what items you are going to spend on your OFW loan, here is a list of things we’ve found to most popular.

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What Does A Co-Borrower Mean?

This is a very common question we get.

Let me guess, you want to get an OFW loan but the bank or lending company requires you to have a co-borrower.

So, what is a co-borrower?

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How to Apply for an OFW Loan

The perfect opportunity to fund your needs or wants.

Most Filipinos dream of having a better life for their families. One of the options to achieving that dream is to work overseas for a better compensation. Even if that means having to leave their family back in the Philippines in order to provide for them.

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Do You Need More Info?

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